Nuts on nuts on nuts, because it’s truly nutty out there right now. Making these nut butter cassava cookies and cacao hazelnut macadamia butter was super easy thanks to @thenutramilk machine. 🤤 . . . . #foundinmiami #miamieats #usewhatyouhave #wastenot #eatrealfood #makesmewhole #qurantinecooking #quarantinekitchen #tastemademedoit


@grapicavoli took over @thehungrypost’s IG last week for a live cooking class! In case you missed it, here’s how simple & quick it is to make our pasta kits at home! Order online now. Link in bio. #ehcantina #coralgables


Who else is spending their stay-at-home days thinking about better times? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️What #FoundInMiami moments are you most excited to get back to when this is all over?


// Did You Know? You can bring some of your favorite animals into your home through Google’s new 3D/Augmented Reality (AR) animal encounter feature! • To access Google 3D animals, all you need to do is grab an AR-enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet and search the animal in question. Like all of Google’s AR objects, the feature is located right at the top of the search in a separate panel. For example, searching for “alligator” will reveal the Google Search Knowledge Panel. You may have seen these panels before, usually for a place or film. When you search a 3D animal through Google, you’ll see an overview of what the animal is, a few images of it, and a cheeky new addition you may not have noticed before. A small button that says “View in 3D” will also be found towards the bottom of this search panel. This button launches the AR experience and you’ll have to do some scanning of your surroundings but after some calibration, Viola!, you’ll be face-to-face with some of your favorite animals! • This feature isn’t available for every animal, but some native South Florida wildlife that you can bring to life in your living room include the alligator, a sea turtle, an octopus, and a raccoon! • We want to see some of your virtual animal encounters! Upload some of your best shots to your social media page/story and tag @miamiecoadventures!


You may not be able to explore Miami right now, but Key2MIA is doing its best to bring virtual experiences to you! ⠀ Join us next week for FREE virtual sessions throughout the week. ⠀ In addition to our 🧘🏾Trap Yoga🧘🏿‍♂️ experience, we now have new virtual experiences for you to enjoy. These include: ⠀ 🧖🏿‍♀️DIY In-Home Spa Experience w/ @stateofbeing._ 🍱 Culinary Experience w/ @chefblk12 👩‍❤️‍👩 Mommy & Me Virtual SPArty w/ @pamperdkidsspa ⠀ You can register for our FREE Live Experiences at the link in our bio! ⠀ We also have Zumba, Zumbini and Trivia Night coming soon!! ⠀ Have questions about travel deals, insurance, and the state of travel post COVID-19? Make sure to register for our FREE info session as well! ⠀ If you miss the Live Sessions, ALL will be available starting next week at www.Key2MIA.com


Tell me something outdoor you miss the most. For me, I miss living down the block from here and playing basketball. Sometimes @susy8kastles would come drop buckets. Now just waiting to break @mikeslyfe ankles again when it’s a go. 🌴💁🏻‍♂️🏀 #postup #jumpshot #itdontmatter #imabucket


Beautiful Soho Wedding @spanishmonastery @lifestyle_miami


Looking back of my #mmfw2019 @miamimodestfashionweek and planning for the upcoming. Power and Produce by @theconnectorgroup ⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . . . . . You may laugh, you may sneer, you may not believe a word of these affirmations, THIS DAY WILL PASS! NOTHING WILL BREAK US BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE FAITH , ITS WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH. #followyourowngps #intuition #lawofattraction #besafe #bewise #bestrong #stayhome #shelterinplacemiami #shelterinplaceusa 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . . . . . Artoflife #modestmind #businessandpersonal #unorthodoxceo #visionary #muslimeomenceo #anakkampung #anaknegerisembilan #malaysianabroad #miamilocal #internationalbusiness #simplelifestyle #foundinmiami


What's the first thing you're going to do once this is all over? I might go be a tourist in South Beach. 🌴


🚨RESULTS🚨 Please call us now for your FREE evaluation 🤗😁🤝


WE ARE BACK!⠀ ⠀ Opening today at 12 PM with Over Ready Meal, Retail Butcher Items, Cocktails, Beer, & Wine ALL AVAILABLE TOGO! ⠀ ⠀ Open Wednesday- Sunday 12 pm-8 pm⠀ Call for pick up: (305) 846-9120⠀ Delivery Orders via UberEats, Door Dash and Grub Hub⠀ ⠀ 165 Northwest 23rd Street⠀ Miami, Florida 33127 ⠀ #foundinmiami #foodandwine #miamifoodie #buzzfeedfood #eatingfortheinstas #miamitogo #miamidelivery #thebutchershopmia #thebutchershopmiatogo


Can’t wait to ride bike with my friends again... where’s @brickellbikes at?


Our infamous ‘DIRT CUP’ is available on our EH All Day menu • Whipped @nutella mousse, @oreo cookie, pretzel & salted caramel 💥 #iykyk #tgif #eatinghousemiami


// Pine Rockland Keystone Species • Gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) are considered a keystone species in a pine rockland as they build burrows that provide shelter for more than 350 other species living in their habitat, some of which might otherwise become extinct. • The life of a gopher tortoise revolves around those burrows; they spend up to 80% of their time there. Burrows average 15 feet long and 6.5 feet deep, though they have been documented reaching up to 40 feet long and 10 feet deep. They often use multiple burrows throughout their lives, the number of which varies depending on the individual. Gopher tortoises also play a large role as seed-dispersers, transporting seeds of native pine rockland plants around the ecosystem and helping with germination. Their value to an ecosystem is vital and needed. The vulnerable, long-living, gentle reptile that shares its home with others, is listed as “Threatened” in the State of Florida, mostly due to habitat reduction and modification. • If you happen to see one of these guys walking around your backyard or neighborhood, download the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s app to report its location. Everyone can aid in the conservation of our terrestrial neighbors! • #StayHomeExploreMore of the Pine Rocklands with Miami EcoAdventures


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